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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Ilala municipality wants private sector in waste disposal

17th February 2013

Private firms’ participation will provide a platform for a wider environmental protection and enhancing waste collection in Ilala municipality, officials say.

Speaking with the reporter in an interview with The Guardian on Sunday, a solid waste management officer at the municipal, Mr Charles Wambura said involvement of private firm in cleaning up the environment is key to sustainability in waste disposal.

He said no big companies are willing to enter in garbage collection and those who engage are small firms surviving in the business for a short time due to lack of capital.

“Those small companies are not capable of carrying out responsibilities assigned to them effectively,” he stated.

In order to invigorate cleanliness in the municipality, larger firms need to join hands with the municipality and various stakeholders so as to ensure a clean and safe environment.

He said: “We have entered a period when sudden incidents impacting the environment or pollution accidents occur frequently and environmental pollution is daily causing inconveniences.

The municipality faces a shortage of vehicles as most vehicles for waste collection are old and worn-out. The municipal possesses three vehicles for waste collection, in all.

The municipality produces 1,888 tones of garbage per day while the collection capacity lies at around 550 to 600 tones of disposable waste per day.

He said that due to rapid economic expansion and population growth, people tend to throw more rubbish into the street.

“Unless solutions are identified immediately, we could face a crisis in the next decade of having nowhere to put the thousands of tons of waste thrown away each day,” he declared.

One of the strategies to enhance waste collection is collaboration of the government with various stakeholders for promoting, strengthening and sensitising communities and individual participation in a cleaner environment.

He urged journalists to tag on environment issues as the media have a major role in stimulating public awareness and engagement on the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental preservation.

He castigated the tendency of just reporting once and not following up on the outcome. There are still many environment issues that should be publicized so as to raise awareness on environment preservation, he added.



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