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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

ICT entrepreneurs get innovation hub

18th February 2013
KINU`s Co-founder Luca Neghesti

Kinu, a Tanzanian non-profit ICT innovation hub has set up an innovation space for pre-incubation activities for local ICT entrepreneurs that will assists them develop their projects and business ideas.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Friday, KINU’s Co-founder Luca Neghesti said that the innovation space is designed to assist IT entrepreneurs to create sustainable business models that can easily work in Tanzania environment.

Neghesti also said that local ICT entrepreneurs now have the chance to formulate the software designed to cater for Tanzanian market.

“There are some ICT students who came here and designed software that assists to count the number of passengers bordering a ship or a boat, the software detects the numbers of passengers hence marine accidents due to overloading will decrease,” he said.

He added, “Our Innovation Space is open for ICT collaboration, workshops and activities as well as space for pre-incubators for small teams who have an idea and want to move towards a viable concept.”

He pointed out that it is high time for Tanzania as a country to develop her own solutions that truly meet the needs of people hence move from being importers of technology to exporters.

He noted that the centre assists young ICT entrepreneurs to access a very fast internet connection meant for working on their studies, ideas and projects, accessing information as well as downloading materials that assist them to create software.

In efforts to promote local technology, innovation and development, KINU Hub has partnered with Samsung to provide local mobile application developers a mobile testing environment.

Samsung will be providing KINU with a Smart Table and five android smart phones and tablets.

Another founder of KINU Emmanuel Feruzi said, “The Tanzanian tech scene needs to be brought together to form a community; develop a culture of co-creation and innovation which will become the catalyst for growth and capacity building.”

He added that, “a collaborative space is needed to enable the community to participate in the co-creation process and jointly make efforts to generate new solutions. We must establish the environment needed to ensure that the next generation of African innovators has the freedom to build products and services which will reach out the rest of the world.”