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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Tuico assists Maasai women entrepreneurs

18th February 2013
Federation of Dutch Labour Movement

The Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) has embarked in a special training package to assist Maasai women in the Northern zone to formalise their small scale ventures into more profitable ventures.

Tuico, in collaboration with the Federation of Dutch Labour Movement the ‘Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging’ (FNV), which has also promised to help Maasai women entrepreneurs in Arusha to secure markets for their traditional products in Belgium and other parts of Europe.

The training package is extended to all Maasai women who make and sell cultural ornaments, artifacts, shoes, sandals and clothing at the Snake Park at Miserani, along the main Arusha-Dodoma road.

 Tuico Deputy Director General, Jonas Majura revealed that the country’s largest Trade Union will be working with its Belgium-based, trade movement (FNV) to assist the small scale women entrepreneur of Monduli and have already taken the initial step in establishing the training.

“Members of the Maasai Market Women Group of Mirerani have just undergone special training sessions held in Arusha and coordinated by the Arusha region Trade Officer Mr Huruma Kabendwa…” revealed the Tuico officer.

For a long time, the 40 members of the Maasai women group, which has been in operation since 1996, have been reliant on visitors en-route to the Miserani Snake Park to buy their products during the excursions.

Tuico which also wants to enroll the Maasai women under its membership aims at improving the standard of living for all its members and defending their rights and interests through collective bargaining agreements and negotiations.

The Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers is the largest Industrial and Commercial Trade Union in the country boasting more than 50,000 members nationwide from both the formal and informal sectors of employment.



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