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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Over half of students fail Form Four exams

19th February 2013
Dr Shukuru Kawambwa

Over 240,000 students out of 397,136 who sat for the National Form Four examinations scored division zero, according to results released yesterday by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Announcing the results in Dar es Salaam, the Minister Dr Shukuru Kawambwa said that the students performed worse compared to those of 2011when 225,126 candidates or 53.37 per cent of the 450,324 students who sat for the examinations, passed.

Minister Kawambwa said 126,847 school candidates, 46, 161 of them girls and 80, 686 boys out of 397, 136 candidates passed the exams.

16,112 private candidates out of 61,001 who sat for the same exam passed, whereby 6, 751 are girls and 9, 361 are boys.

Only 1, 641 students scored division one, he said adding that 1,073 were boys and 568 girls. He said a total of 6,453 students scored division two of whom 4,456 were boys and 1,997 girls.

A total of 15, 426 students comprising 10,813 boys and 4,613 girls scored division three and 103,327 students scored division four.

Of the 480, 036 candidates registered for the exams last year, of whom 217,583 equivalent to 45.33 percent were girls and 262,453 equivalent to 54.67 were boys, only 456,137 equivalent to 95.44 of the registered candidates did the exams.

A total 21, 820 candidates equal to 4. 55 percent of those registered did not appear for the examinations last year .

Kawambwa said that 68, 806 candidates registered as private candidates comprising 34, 605 girls equal to 50.29 percent and 34,201 boys equal to 49.71 percent but only 61,001 candidates appeared for the exams.

The Minister said private schools performed better than public ones, with 17 of them making it to the 20 best performing schools chart.

He attributed poor performance in public schools to lack of science and mathematics teachers and shortage of teachers for other subjects.

Lack of laboratories and libraries for further studies were also cited by the minister as contributing to poor performance.

Other schools faced shortage of books, whereby in some one book is shared by 10 students, he said.

He said the government has started taking measures to improve performance in its schools such as employing new teachers whereby last week it employed a total of 12, 973 secondary school teachers.

The government has been providing 25, 000/- per student as subsidies every year to be used to buy books and teaching materials, he said.

However, Kawambwa said that 789 candidates including 624 school candidates, 17 QT candidates and 148 private candidates had their examination results nullified due to cheating.

Results of 24 candidates were also nullified after writing abusive words for answers, he said.

Minister Kawambwa said results of 28,582 school candidates have been withheld until they clear debts and fines. He said the debts must be cleared within two years, failure of which their results will be nullified.

The same applied to 65 private candidates and 71 QT students who did not clear their examination fees.



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