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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Report violence on people with albinism-ministry

20th February 2013

Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children has condemned the recent violence acts against people with skin disability that occurred in Rukwa region, saying such acts violate the right to life of people with albinism, a statement revealed to The Guardian has said.

 The Ministry called upon every member of the society to protect and value lives of one another including respecting laws and human rights.
It should be remembered that such acts not only affect the victims but also touches and affect the lives of other people in the society and ruin the image of the country.
The Ministry however called upon the society to refrain from outdated beliefs which threaten lives and security of other people thus holding back the government’s efforts to fight against violence to people with albinism, women and children.
“The ministry wants ‘wananchi’ to disclose all people engaging in such acts and provide information to responsible security organs in their respective areas to allow the government to take action as per law,” the statement said.
Some of the incidents reported in the media include that of an abandoned fetus, a primary school pupil, Kaselemako Mpale who was killed by his father due to witchcraft related beliefs and a young adult, Malba Hamisi(19) a resident of Kishapu district alleged to have killed his grandmother Mindi Dotto (70) due to witchcraft beliefs.
The ministry however commended the efforts made by the media to educate the public and report such incidents hence allowing the government to make follow ups.
The statement added that such reports have helped to sensitize ‘wanachi’ to report violence acts upon their occurrence thus allowing the government to take actions against the culprits.


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