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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Anti-poaching campaigners complete their march today

12th September 2013
Lazaro Nyalandu , Deputy Minister for Tourism and natural Resources

The Deputy Minister for Tourism and natural Resources, Lazaro Nyalandu will today lead Dar es Salaam residents to welcome anti-poaching campaigners.

The group has walked 650 km from Arusha to Dar es Salaam in 19 days.
The march named walk for elephant and has been organised by the African Wildlife Trust (AWT).

According to AWT chief executive officer Patrick Patel the goal of the march is to educate the Tanzanians on the effects of poaching, which has caused the decimation of elephant population in the world.

Patel said after the arrival, the marchers will go straight to Mnazi Mmoja led by deputy minister Nyalandu where he will explain the government efforts in fighting the menace. At least thirty thousand elephants were killed for their tusks on the African continent in 2012, with 10,000 of them coming from Tanzania.

He said that 30 elephants are slaughtered per day in Tanzania alone.
The annual value of illegally harvested and sold ivory and rhino horn is estimated at USD 8 billion.

The problem however goes beyond the thousands of bloodied, lifeless carcasses of majestic African giants.

“The harvest and trade of ivory and horn, like diamonds and gemstones in some parts of Africa, is increasingly linked to organised crime and terrorism, and are more and more used as an untraceable form of currency to fund their wars,” said Patel. 



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