DC directs Morowasa to identify environmental impacts around Mindu dam

15Jan 2022
The Guardian
DC directs Morowasa to identify environmental impacts around Mindu dam

​​​​​​​MOROGORO district commissioner (DC) Albert Msando has directed the Morogoro Urban Water Sewerage Authority (MOROWASA) and the Wami/Ruvu basin to embark on a special operation to identify all people who have diverted water from   Mindu dam something which affects the environment.  

MOROGORO district commissioner (DC) Albert Msando.

This follows acute shortage of water in the sources flowing into the dam including Mzinga, Ngerengere, Mgeta and Mlali rivers due to the increased human activities.

Msando made the directive after his two-day visit to various rivers and other water sources in the district where he witnessed a number of people who have been destroying the sources by conducting agriculture and other human activities.

“This is a government order, go and carry out an operation to remove all people who are diverting water from the rivers which are the major source of the Mindu dam, conducting activities near water sources is illegal, so those who will be found reluctant to adhere to the laws, should be ready to face their charges in the court,” he said.

The DC said Morogoro Municipality residents depend on the Mindu dam by 70 percent, so allowing diversion of water in the rivers sending water to the dam, puts lives of these residents in danger due to shortage of water.

Msando further wanted residents in the municipality to ensure that once the masika rains begins, should start planting trees in their houses and offices so as to help overcome impacts of climate change including drought.

Morowasa director Eng. Tamimu Katakweba said environmental degradation, agriculture, livestock grazing and depletion of water sources were among major reasons for the drying up of rivers which are the main source of water for the Mindu Dam.

He said the authority is currently implementing big water projects worth 13bn/- which involves construction of various water infrastructures to supply water in Morogoro municipality, saying that if rivers are destroyed, then will affect the projects and water supply to the residents.

Eng John Kassambili, Water Resources Engineer from the Wami/Ruvu Basin said they are soon going to commence the operation and will arrest all people who have diverted water from the rivers in Morogoro Region.