MNH children’s cancer centre gets new push

29Jan 2018
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MNH children’s cancer centre gets new push

THE Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has made a donation of 30m/- towards funding for nutritional support for children undergoing cancer treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital.

Vodacom Tanzania Head of PR and Corporate Communications, Jacquiline Materu

The donation was made to Tumaini la Maisha Tanzania at the hospital which works to support children receiving in-patient cancer treatment.

Speaking at the event, Vodacom Tanzania Head of PR  and  Corporate Communications, Jacquiline Materu elaborated on reasons for the donation and said “Health promotion is at the core of our vision at Vodacom Tanzania Foundation. We believe this is an important cause that needed much support to facilitate better the lives of children with cancer in the country. So this initiative is an important opportunity to continue making a positive impact in our communities.”

‘Due to the intensive nature of some of the treatments, proper nutrition is a vital component to promote a positive outcome of treatment. Eating the right kinds of foods before, during and after treatment can help a child feel better and stay stronger. Both the cancer itself and its treatment can affect a child’s appetite and ability to digest certain foods effectively’ Said the CEO of Tumaini la Maisha, Dr Patricia Scanlan.

This is not the first time that the Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has made a donation of nutritional support for these children.  Previously the Foundation donated 15m/-towards this cause.

On the continued support, Materu said: “We embarked on supporting the Children’s Cancer hostel to compliment the government of Tanzania and other stakeholders’ efforts in investing and improving access to health care in Tanzania. Here we have an NGO working with the Muhimbili National Hospital and achieving encouraging results and so we are proud to be able to continue supporting this effort.”

The funds channelled through Vodacom Tanzania Foundation to the nutrition programme will improve digestive health, prevent malnutrition and provide dietary supplements. As a result, the children would be strong, nourished and therefore stand a better chance of recovery and survival.

Tumaini la Maisha which means ‘Hope for Life’ is an NGO dedicated to caring for children with cancer and their families and provides both clinical and non-clinical supportive services in partnership with the government of Tanzania.

During the event, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation team engaged in arts and crafts activities with the children, mobilization to clean the areas immediately surrounding the centre and a lunch was specially held for the children.

The Executive Director of Muhimbili National Hospital Professor Lawrence Museru said ‘We are very thankful to Vodacom Tanzania Foundation together with the Vodacom employees for their time and continued support to children with cancer at Tumaini la Maisha’

The Vodacom Tanzania Foundation helps women and girls across the country improve their health, access better education and create new enterprises. Working with local NGOs and partners, Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has supported over 120 projects to date investing over Tsh 15 bn to improve the lives of those in Tanzania.

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