CRDB Bank’s quest to uplift women to senior managerial positions

12Apr 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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CRDB Bank’s quest to uplift women to senior managerial positions

SEVERAL initiatives have been undertaken by CRDB Bank Plc’s management to ensure that more women are incorporated into senior decision making positions and close the gender gap.

One such project is known as ‘SHE Initiative with a theme of 'Redefining HER story’ has been implemented since October 2019, following an analysis of the gender representation across the bank.

“SHE Initiative Program helps to build the capacity of CRDB Bank’s women employees to participate in decision-making  by  creating  fair  representation  of  women  at  the  decision-making  levels,” CRDB Managing Director, Abdulmajid Nsekela said in Dar es Salaam last week while commenting on successes being made by women bankers in various fora.

During International Women’s Day last month, CRDB Corporate Affairs Director, Tully Mwambapa was named as ‘Super Woman’ in the financial sector during a forum organised by Wasafi Media in collaboration with Women in Leadership Institute in Dar es Salaam.

Nsekela showered praises on Mwambapa saying she is a product of various CRDB’s women capacity building programs which including ‘SHE Initiative.’ “The strategic objectives of the program include: to create  a  pool  of  competent  women  leaders  of  service  to the bank; provide financial solutions to women in business (SMEs and corporates); engage  and support  community  on  social,  economic  and  environmental  activities,” he said.

Over the last two years the SHE Program has achieved several milestones such as holding  the  first  ever  CRDB  Women  in  Business  Forum  to  improve  their financial capabilities with about 320 women from Lake Zone, being trained.

Enhancing  access  to  finance through  Malkia  Account  proposition which was tailor made for women with 90 percent reduction in opening fee to ease and enable more women access banking services. “Through Malkia Account, the bank has already issued over 500bn to 25,000 women entrepreneurs across  different regions in Tanzania,” Nsekela noted.

Under the initiative, community outreach programs have been conducted targeting women and girls. Last year while commemorating International Women’s Day, the bank supported schools girls with sanitary pads to 5,372 girls across all seven zones in the country to enable them attend classes without failure especially when experiencing monthly periods.

The bank also launched a one year training program of women-to-women mentorship with the objective to build capacity of women  to  take  charge  in  senior decision  making positions and  is underpinned  by  360°  feedback  and  coaching  support. There are 34 women staff members under the program currently.

“In 2020, we created a platform dubbed, ‘SHE Talks,’ to empower female employees at different levels through inspirational discussions,” the CRDB Group MD and CEO added saying in there is also women reading  clubs to  steer  up  continual  learning  habits  and  draw lessons on best leadership practices and experiences through knowledge sharing.

The Dar es Salaam based lender has also partnered with International Finance Corporation of World Bank Group since November 2020, to execute a women’s leadership program which is spread over a period of six months comprising of classroom sessions, coaching and series of practical activities.

“About 100 top  women  performers  across  the  bank  are  currently  enrolled  into  the  program with a goal to reach out to 200 women by the end of 2021,” the CRDB chief stated saying under the initiative, the bank has continued  to  create  and  develop  a  number  of  initiatives  to  ensure  a conducive  workplace environment for women.

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