Expert touts organic farming to avoid superbug attacks on humans, anim

22Sep 2020
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Expert touts organic farming to avoid superbug attacks on humans, anim

ORGANIC farming will produce better animal feed free from industrial residues which can cause diseases to people who consume intoxicated meat from the animals.

World Animal Protection (EAC)’s Farming Campaign Manager, Dr Victor Yamo said promotion of organic farming against factory farming is good for both human health and the environment.

Dr Yamo said in a statement last week that organic farming protects farm animals from eating chemical infested plant residues that in turn put a final consumer of the meat at health risks.

“We have to bear in mind that 75 percent of all antibiotics produced globally are used in farming and there is ample science showing how antibiotic overuse on factory farms is leading to antibiotic resistant organisms also known as superbugs which are spreading to the farm workers, the environment and into the food chain,” Dr Yamo said.

According to him, the current coronavirus outbreak should be a wake-up call for factory farming and its regulators around the world as it has changed shopping habits and disrupted complex food supply chains.

“Superbugs make antibiotics less effective in treating sick people thereby having the potential of triggering a global health crisis. World Animal Protection found superbugs in food chains in Brazil, Spain, Thailand and United States. A review of research work done on the African food chain has confirmed that the situation is not any different here,” he explained.

The WAP Farming Campaign Manager further asserted that around 700,000 people die annually from superbugs with a possible significant additional toll from superbugs during the current pandemic and into the future.

It is estimated that some 10 million deaths are expected annually by 2050 with the poorest countries affected disproportionately from superbugs related ailments. The World Health Organization warns that people could reach a stage where they have organisms resistant to all antibiotics because of the superbug crisis – a post-antibiotic era.

“To achieve, this we are calling for concerted action from the global retail, finance and animal production sectors; governments and intergovernmental organizations to come together to phase out factory farming,” he stressed while noting that there is urgent need to stop the current cruel and inefficient system dependent on antibiotic overuse.

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