Jafo orders EPZA, TPA and NEMC to trace expired molasses containers

04May 2021
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Jafo orders EPZA, TPA and NEMC to trace expired molasses containers

A cross section of government regulatory authorities and security agents at Dar es Salaam Port have been put to task by Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office responsible for Union Affairs and the Environment, Selemani Jafo for negligence regarding importation of more than 300 containers .

Jafo who visited the port this week doubted the competence and integrity of officials from Tanzania Ports Authority, Tanzania Revenue Authority, National Environment Man agent Council and Export Processing Zone Authority for allowing the unidentified bogus investor who imported the substance and abandoned it at the port and other bonded warehouses.

 Jafo accused the regulatory agencies’ officials at the country’s prime port for enabling the fake investor known only as Kaissy, to import the forty feet containers of expired molasses with the intention of establishing a ‘Shisha’ manufacturing plant in the country.

“Only six containers are still here at the port which means that the rest are at bonded warehouses and inland container depots across the country. To the best of my knowledge, EPZA are behind this bogus investor who has imported poisonous material for dumping in our country through the special economic zones,” he charged.

“It does not make any sense for EPZA to approve an investment that allows for the establishment of a ‘Shisha’ manufacturing plant that will lead to our youth being drug addicts,” the fiery Environment docket Minister argued.

According to the minister, Kaissy arrived in the country in 2019 on a tourist visa but a few months later he turned into a molasses importer and investor under EPZA’s special economic zones arrangement.

“What kind of negligence or dishonesty is this by regulatory authorities responsible with this issue to allow the importation of such deadly products since 2019. I am giving you three days to establish where the rest of the containers are currently. In addition, I am also giving ten days to all of you to identify and take measures against importers of expired fertilizers and pesticides,” he ordered.

Briefing Jafo, TRA’s Customs Manager, Godfrey Feliciane said they recently realised that 353 forty feet containers of the molasses were imported into the country through Dar es Salaam Port.

“It is just a few months ago that we discovered this through an inspection done by Tanzania Bureau of Standards that later consulted NEMC to find out they were aware of the product,” Feliciane said adding that after a joint meeting, they realized that there was no such an investment in place.

Elaborating on the matter, NEMC Director General, Dr Samuel Gwamaka said that the so called investor has not even acquired a poison importation permit from the council.  “It’s horrible that such poisonous materials are imported into the country without my office’s approval,” Dr Gwamaka charged while warning that there is a possibility that of a cartel being at the port.

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