Pyrethrum farmers assured of global market despite corona

13May 2020
The Guardian
Pyrethrum farmers assured of global market despite corona

PYRETHRUM farmers in the country have been assured or reliable markets for their crops in the Covid-19 pandemic period as the trade on pyrethrum raw materials is still very strong.

Mbeya’s   crops  coordinator from  a pyrethrum company    (PCT) Michael Bishubo said yesterday   on the preparations of pyrethrum farming for this season.

Bishubo said despite the world being shaken by the pandemic the pyrethrum market was still intact because of a great demand in the world.

He said   pyrethrum farmers must not harbor fears about the market reliability because the raw materials  are extensively used for making farm pesticides and insecticides for use in homes.

He appealed to farmers to ensure they finalise planting of the crop before the end of this month   so as to provide ample time to work on the crop while growing.

“In the current season beginning January when we started receiving more rains up to April was the period when we had  mobilised our pyrethrum  farmers to plant the crop,” he said.

He said Tanzania has more than 16,000 pyrethrum farmers, many of who are in Songwe and Mbeya regions.

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