Traders in Morogoro express grief followingdeath of president Magufuli

23Mar 2021
The Guardian
Traders in Morogoro express grief followingdeath of president Magufuli

​​​​​​​TRADERS at the newly launched Kingalu market in Morogoro Municipality have expressed their grief following the passing of President John Magufuli.

President John Magufuli.

“We have been so munch saddened by his death, Dr Magufuli was a great leader, he loved petty traders a lot, he worked hard to ensure that we conduct our business smoothly and profitably,” said Avintishi Mussa, one of the traders who benefited from a 1.25m/- as a help from President Magufuli on March 16, 2018.

The funds were collected through a fundraising supervised on the spot by president Magufuli during the launch of the Philip Morris cigarette factory in the Region.

Avintishi, a vegetable seller at the market and a resident of Boma road in Mji Mkuu ward in the municipality said the death of President Magufuli is one of the huge pains she ever experienced.

“I was taking President Magufuli as my child, a relative, I’m so sorry to hear that he has died, when my children woke me up last night telling me this news, I didn’t believe them, I cried a lot, this hurts me,” she said. 

Halid Mkunyegele, an interim chairperson of the Kingalu market urged the continuing leaders to live his legacy by implementing all the plans he had for the country.

“He was our hero, a shoulder to cry when we (petty traders) were passing through a difficult time of being abused by some leaders in the municipality who were usually chasing us away from conducting business in some areas,” he said.

Daudi Kisombo, a pastoralist from Melela Mangae village in Mvomero said the death’s information has saddened him because President Magufuli was so supportive to them during his tenure.

“President Magufuli worked hard to address several conflicts between farmers and pastoralists, he wanted us to live peacefully,” he said.

Morogoro Regional Commissioner Loata Ole Sanare expressed his condolences to the Morogoro residents and Tanzanians following the huge national tragedy.

He urged the residents to remain patient and calm when the nation and the World are mourning the passing of the great leaders.

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