VP tasks SIDO to increase products innovation

27Sep 2021
Adela Madyane
The Guardian
VP tasks SIDO to increase products innovation

​​​​​​​VICE President Dr Philip Mpango has called on the Small Industrial Development Organisation (SIDO) to increase innovation in their production that can create an enabling environment for the products to fulfill the needs in the market.

​​​​​​​VICE President Dr Philip Mpango.

Speaking on Wednesday during the 3rd national SIDO exhibition in Kasulu District, Kigoma Region Dr Mpango tasked SIDO to make sure that they produce materials internally and the products meets the standard of production and be sufficient for the use of all Tanzanian.

“It hurts me seeing us purchasing a sword from Brazil, SIDO has been existing since 1997, how come we can not make swords of our own, where is SIDO failing? Asked Mpango, mentioning that SIDO’s contribution toward industrial development is not enough for the products do not meet the market criteria, as well as fulfill peoples need.

He, therefore asked the ministry of Industry and Trade, SIDO and other related institution to do intensive evaluation on how far SIDO has succeeded or failed on implementation of its inauguration objectives, and that they have to come up with a solution-based report and recommendations that will lift Tanzania into high middle income economy.

On his side, Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) manager Venancy Mashiba said they will continue to connect entrepreneurs with large investors in the value chain so they can both gain economically for the entrepreneurs to be a centre of distribution of the products from large investors and for the large investors to purchase the raw materials.

He said; “We need to add value on our resources, so as to support entrepreneurs and investors to produce quality and sufficient products from the people within the country by giving priority to products from small industries within the country”.

In overcoming the challenges the TIC manager said they always collaborate with the authorities to overcome challenges and meet the agreement, giving an example of how they have worked with TANESCO to solve electricity shortage to enable entrepreneurs get enough power for their production.

The minister of Industry and Trade Prof Kitila Mkumbo mentioned profits that SIDO has managed to get from 2018 to 2021 as the introduction of new 1,581 factories which led to 22,726 employment opportunities.

 On the area of education, SIDO has managed to do 48 trade conferences with 2,038 project to 57,118 entrepreneurs on entrepreneurship, fishing, manufacturing, markets, project management and proper technology, and processing that have also led to 10,085 employment opportunities.

“We have also managed to engage 6,571 entrepreneurs in obtaining markets through different exhibition, while 12,326 are using SIDO social networks and website to publish their products, and we have provided 17.174 billion/- to empower different projects like industries, fishing, animal husbandry and minerals,” explained Kitila

Along with these success he also mentioned the main challenge facing SIDO as enabling infrastructure to reach high central economy.

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