Airtel Money subscribers to share 2.5bn/- in annual profits

19Sep 2019
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  Airtel Money subscribers to share 2.5bn/- in annual profits

AIRTEL Money subscribers will share 2.5bn/- being profits made by the mobile money platform during the third quarter of this year.

Airtel Tanzania Plc’s Director of Airtel Money services, Isaack Nchunda speaks in Dar es Salaam this week when announcing payment of 2.5bn/- to subscribers of the mobile money platform. Right is Airtel Tanzania Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando. Photo courtesy of Airtel.

Announcing the interest disbursement sharing to customers in Dar es Salaam this week,  Airtel Money  Director, Isaack Nchunda said the interest earned will be distributed to all subscribers based on their utilization of the service for the past 12 months.

The amount earned each customer depends on how frequently they use their Airtel Money service account in transactions which include withdrawing money from banks, paying for utlity bills such as LUKU and DAWASA water bill and other government fees.

“Our aim  is to continue to support government’s agenda in promoting financial inclusion hence the decision to share approximately 2.5bn/- accrued interest for the period covering September 2018 to March 2019 quarters,” Nchunda said.

Nchunda added that this is the eighth time in a row that Airtel Tanzania Limited is giving back interest earned through various transactions to all Airtel Money subscribers who include agents since 2015. In all, the company has shared 19bn/- with its subscribers during the four year period.

“We are happy that in addition to customers interest distribution, our over 60,000 Airtel Money agents county wide will also receive their interests through their mobile money wallets,” the Airtel Money Director added.

On his part, Airtel Tanzania’s Communications Manager, Jackson Mmbando said the mobile phone service company is committed in improving and bringing its services closer to customers and address the gap of unbanked population across the country.

“In promoting financial inclusion, Airtel recently launched ‘Tuko nawe kila kona’ campaign with the rollout of Airtel Money branches, one of the largest mobile money distribution set-ups in the country with over 1,000 outlets,” Mmbando said.

He said Airtel will continue to widen its agent’s footprint to ensure mobile money services are available to the majority of Tanzanian especially those in rural areas. “To serve our growing customer base with Airtel Money services, we have also integrated our systems with various payment platforms such as e-government where customers can make several state payments at a go,” the Communications Manager added.

Airtel Money is also connected to over 40 banks in the country which makes it possible for customers to do instant money transfers from their bank accounts to their mobile money wallets anywhere any time.

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