Dar’s not for profit social enterprise, Ubongo conquers Nairobi

13Nov 2019
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 Dar’s not for profit social enterprise, Ubongo conquers Nairobi

A local kids’ edutainment company which is billed as one of Africa’s leading producer of children’s story telling digital platform has, Ubongo has hosted its second annual stakeholder event, themed Storytelling for change, over the weekend in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ubongo’s caricatures.

Speaking at the event, Ubongo’s Kenya Country Representative, Daisy Kambuni said the company strives to create engaging and locally relevant digital content for learners in Africa. “Our mission is to transform learning for the 440 million kids in Africa through localized education on accessible technologies, opening the door to a future of effective learning,’ Kambuni said.

“We use stories to create positive and impactful messaging for kids, and tonight, we gave you a glimpse of this human centered design thinking process,” she added. The event drew representation from various key stakeholders in the social enterprise, education and development sectors including policymakers, innovators and development partners.

The stakeholders were engaged through workshops, discussions, and presentations with discussions built around four key objectives: Youth employment; Agriculture and food security; and Conservation and girls’ education.

“The aim was to find out, through storytelling and conversation, what drives and motivates organizations, and how they use these narratives to achieve goals,” the Ubongo Country Representative in Kenya, added.

Ubongo’s Chief Business Officer, Doreen Kessy backed Kambuni’s observations by noting that stories are important to kids because it is how creative ideas are introduced in the world in addition to self-reflect by the people.

“Stories shape our perspectives, our dreams, our identity, our actions and eventually - outcomes. The question we should all be asking ourselves is, what kind of stories are we telling?” Wondered Kessy.

“Are our stories shaping our communities for the better? If we all start thinking that way, we will make a positive difference in our communities,” she added.

Ubongo is a non-profit social enterprise that creates fun, localized and multi-platform educational content that helps kids learn and leverage their learning to change their lives. Ubongo reaches millions of families across Africa through accessible technologies like television, radio and mobile phones.