Songas pumps in 47m/-to beef up  education sector in   Ubungo  

14May 2019
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 Songas pumps in 47m/-to beef up  education sector in   Ubungo  

POWER-generating firm Songas Limited  has donated47m/- to the Dar es Salaam’s Ubungo municipality in an effort to complement the government’s commitment towards improving the quality of education in the country.

Songas Managing Director, Nigel Whittaker.

At the  event held at Ubungo Kisiwani primary school, the chairperson of Kibangu street, Desidery Ishengoma extended his gratitude to Songas, noting that the donation is a significant financial boost to bridge infrastructural challenges facing schools in Ubungo.

 “This donation will construct 2 classrooms and renovate 7 classrooms at Ubungo Kisiwani primary school to ensure an amicable learning environment for our children” said Ishengoma.

“Your support to realise the government’s ambitions in the education sector is highly commendable,” he added.

Songas is a strategic partner to the Government in meeting the growing demand for energy and the company generates approximately 21 per cent of Tanzania’s electricity which is supplied to the national grid and distributed by the national utility, TANESCO.

In 2018, the company invested a total of US$ 330,000, equivalent to 745.8m/- on community development projects cutting across various sectors such as health, education, employment and livelihood improvement.

The company’s education initiatives include scholarships for secondary education to a total of 180 students living on SongoSongo Island (SSI) and surrounding the gas pipeline route outside Dar es Salaam.

 By March this year, the scholarships disbursed to students at ordinary and advanced level studies was 553.7m/- and a total of 189.84m/- was also spent for renovation and construction of new classrooms as well as purchase of school furniture in Bungu B, JaribuMpakani, Mjawa and Marendego  primary schools located in Kibiti and Kilwa districts, and SSI secondary school.

“We are committed to supporting the government in its ambitions to foster human development and social transformations by ensuring students receive quality education from primary level onwards. This guarantees the skilled human capital that is required to spur the country’s development,” said Songas Managing Director, Nigel Whittaker.

Songas endeavours to make a long-lasting contribution to the socioeconomic development of Tanzania by implementing a range of community development initiatives.

Education is fundamental for the development and growth of the country and Songas’ goal is to increase access to quality education to children from primary to high school with a focus on scholarships, skills strengthening and infrastructural development catering for primary and secondary schools located along the gas pipeline.

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