​​​​​​​JPM warns ministers against ignoringmajor infrastructureproject

26Jun 2020
Francis Kajubi
The Guardian
​​​​​​​JPM warns ministers against ignoringmajor infrastructureproject

​​​​​​​CABINET ministers supervising implementation of major infrastructure projects in the country have been warned against concentrating on re-election campaigns while ignoring such projects.

A renovated MV Victoria docked at Mwanza Port.

In a speech to wind up the 11th parliament last week in Dodoma, President Magufuli ordered his ministers to stay alert and ensure that contractors are doing their job properly with completion dates in mind.

“Key projects should not delay or stop just because of doing campaigns. Construction of ports, the Mwalimu Nyerere Hydro power project, standard gauge railway and power connection to rural households, will not stop,” he insisted.

 Clarifying the essence of the ongoing key projects by implemented by the government, Dr Magufuli said they are important facilities to speed up the country’s development towards mid-income and semi-industrialized status by 2025.

The President who has revived Air Tanzania Company Limited noted that the government is investing heavily in all modes of transportation including water with a number of new maritime vessels under construction including ships to sail between Mtwara and Comoros but also that for Kalema port and Kalemii in DR Congo.

“We want cars and cargo shipped through at our seaports to go directly to their destinations other than passing through neighboring countries. We want them shipped directly from Dar es Salaam Port to DRC,” he stressed.

He asserted that in strengthening the transportation sector, railway, air and water ways, the government had in the past five years invested in new ferries while renovating a record 17 old ferries.

On seaports, he said the government is currently undertaking different projects on expansion and modernization of Dar es Salaam, Mtwara and Tanga Ports while similar investments are also being made Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa.

On Lake Victoria for example, the government has renovated five ships namely; MV Victoria, MV Butiama, MV Clarions, MV Umoja and MV Wimbi and is currently building a new big ship christened MV Mwanza HapaKazi Tu. The ship will have a capacity of boarding 1,200 passengers and 400 tons of cargo.

“In Lake Tanganyika, the government had built a new oil tanker MV Sangara and the government is also in the process of starting renovation of MV Liemba on Lake Nyasa,” the head of state added.