‘Direct sales companies are not pyramid schemes’

29Nov 2017
The Guardian Reporter
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‘Direct sales companies are not pyramid schemes’

COUNTRY representative of direct sales company QNet, Benjamin Mariki, yesterday clarified that network marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme contrary to widespread beliefs.

Mariki said that the marketing system may be very lucrative, but it is also a tough business.

“Right from the start, genuine businesses will tell you that the results happen only if you put in the right time and efforts. Any company that promises you an easy way to riches should be regarded with caution,” he added.

QNET for example, he noted, has a detailed earnings disclaimer available in its website and marketing materials.

“Network marketing companies deliver quality products or services as opposed to pyramid schemes (Ponzi schemes) that have no legitimate products or services. Good network marketing companies dedicate substantial resources to research and development to create quality products that are of actual use to people while pyramids schemes do not,” he said.

He said that the company at  the moment offers more than 30 different products in nine different product categories.

He observed that network marketing companies have restrictions in their compensation plan in which they limit the number of people who can earn a commission through sales.

“This is meant to level the playing field for its members. In a pyramid scheme, the up lines or the ones at the top make all the money, while the down lines or the ones at the bottom, usually lag behind due to late participation,” he noted.

“At QNET, anyone can succeed irrespective of when they started and the success of an IR (Independent Representative who distributes the products) is dependent on the success of the people in his/her team,” he clarified.

While admitting that direct selling is generally perceived by some in a very negative light, he noted that with globalization and the breaking down of trade barriers, it’s only a question of time before the industry begins to be seen in a better light.

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