‘Food prices at various markets across country recorded

31Jul 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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‘Food prices at various markets across country recorded

FOOD prices at various markets across the country recorded a downward trend in the month of June with maize sold at 300/- per kilogram in some districts.

Dodoma, Mwanza and Musoma had above average maize price while Mpanda, Sumbawanga and Tabora were all below average maize prices. The lowest maize prices were observed at markets in Mpanda, Sumbawanga and Tabora.

This is according to the June national food security bulletin, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture’s crop monitoring, early warning section, national food security division.

Maize prices at the Mpanda market was 300/- per kilogram while in Sumbawanga a kilo of the grain was sold at 317/- and 350/- per kg at markets in Tabora Region.

Temeke, Dodoma, Ilala and Kinondoni markets had the highest prices for beans, ranging from 2,050/- to 2,100/- per kg while Kigoma, Sumbawanga and Bukoba markets had the lowest prices of beans ranging from 1166/- to 1,286/- per kg.

Some markets in Ilala, Songea, Dodoma and Iringa had the highest prices for rice ranging whereas a kilogram was sold at between 1,600/- and 1,700/-.

Rice was also sold at low prices of between 950/- and 1,036/- per kg at markets in Mpanda, Shinyanga, Musoma and Sumbawanga.

However, the country has a favourable food and nutrition security situation in terms of both availability and accessibility as from the start of the 2021/2022 consumption year.

It said the 2020/2021 consumption year have been completed with the country experiencing favourable food and nutrition security both in terms of availability and accessibility throughout the year.

According to preliminary food crops production forecast for 2020/2021 production season conducted in June, 2021, food availability and accessibility in 2021/2022 consumption year is expected to be favourable with significant surplus.

The 2020/2021 food production season was not as good as 2019/2020 food production year due to several reasons such as delayed rainfall onset, prolonged dry spells, early session of rainfall and poor distribution of rainfall especially in bimodal regions.

During the month of August, 2021 dry and cool conditions are expected to continue over most areas with episodes of strong wind.

Dry and windy condition is likely to increase water loss through evapotranspiration, which will in turn affect pasture and water availability for late grown crops, livestock and other use.

Farmers are advised to take precautionary measures such as the proper use of available water and protection against adverse weather to mitigate any negative impacts that may be associated with the expected weather conditions.

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