‘Involve local manufacturers to flush out fake goods’

13Jan 2019
Felix Andrew
Dar es Salaam
Guardian On Sunday
‘Involve local manufacturers to flush out fake goods’

LOCAL manufacturers have asked the government to incorporate them in the war to eliminate substandard goods flooding the market and affecting their businesses.

A section of manufacturers issued this appeal yesterday during a ceremony to grant licences for tested product certificates and management, organised by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

A total of 69 manufacturers received certificates, with 13 listed as small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

A local entrepreneur, Bahati Andrew, said they understand all people who are engaged in selling substandard goods and that the standard body needed to incorporate them to flush them out.

“These fake goods are hurting our businesses and the economy of the country,” he said.

Substandard goods were being sold at cheaper prices and preferred by consumers due to their affordability, he said.

“We need the standards bureau to provide enough information to manufacturers on the newly established electronic mark,” he said, elaborating that the mark played a crucial role in marketing various locally produced goods in international markets.

The entrepreneur also mentioned the lack of working premises, packaging and special training on standards-related matters as among challenges facing manufacturers.

“We do not have working premises to execute various activities, and also lack appropriate packaging products hence failing to access wider markets,” said an entrepreneur.

Elaborating, he said most entrepreneurs in the country do not have enough knowledge on procedures used to certify the quality of products, and as a result fail to secure markets beyond the East African region.

Acting TBS Director General Lazaro Msasalaga said TBS has already opened doors for people with enough information as to those engaged in selling substandard products.

“Already we have been taking measures against manufacturers who engaged in importing or selling substandard goods,” he said.
For the past year TBS has been destroying products which do not meet required national standards.

TBS was therefore asking entrepreneurs to ensure that their products are certified by the relevant authorities so as to meet global market requirements as well.

He said the government through the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) has been supporting small manufacturers to certify their products, free of charge.

A total of 440 SMEs received support under the programme run by SIDO in collaboration with TBS, he said.

He emphasized that it is the obligation of manufacturers to make sure that their products are certified.

TBS would continue to educate Tanzanians on the importance of consuming certified products, he added.