…Urges Tanzania to reconsider position on EU trade deal

03Oct 2018
Financial Times
…Urges Tanzania to reconsider position on EU trade deal

GERMANY’S Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Detlef Wächter, has asked Tanzania to reconsider its position on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU).

GERMANY’S Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Detlef Wächter.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Financial Times recently, Dr Wächter said the EPA could give Tanzania many opportunities in trade with EU. He said the offer is still on the table and it would be better for Tanzania to accept it now while still in the least developed countries (LDCs) category.

According to the German envoy: “It is easier to do business with the European Union now only because Tanzania is not a middle income country yet. If by 2025 it turns into a middle income country, the preferential treatment it is having now as a least developed country will change.”

“It hits you like a brick because it is complicated. Ask our British friends and the people who negotiated Brexit. Look at how closely we are intertwined and difficult to separate from one another. It is as difficult as coming together all of a sudden as a middle income country like Tanzania, and then developing an economic partnership.”

Dr Wächter said he understands why Tanzanian authorities are hesitant to subscribe to EPA, but added: “We still feel it is in the interest of Tanzania to give it another look and finally decide to subscribe to it.”

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