33 villages in Monduli District benefit from modern beekeeping project

03Aug 2020
The Guardian
33 villages in Monduli District benefit from modern beekeeping project

A TOTAL of 26 groups of men and women from 33 villages in Monduli District, Arusha Region have benefitted from joint modern beekeeping project.

Speaking to reporters when visiting the project, the project’s coordinator from World Vision, Deogratius Martin said to a large extent, the project has economically benefitted the groups’ members.

He said from the project, members have benefited from training that changed their beekeeping method – from traditional to modern beekeeping.

He said before the project, residents in the districts used to make honey harvests once a year, but now they do so five times in a year.

On production, Martin said before the coming of the project, beekeepers used to get 2.5 kg of honey from one beehive, but now a beehive can yield from eight to 10 kgs of honey.

On markets situation, Martin said markets for beekeeping products was certain as the demand is higher than supply.

In addition, World Vision, through the “Pamoja” project, provided training to group members for better beekeeping methods as well as providing them with various beekeeping equipment including honey processing machines, special outfits for honey harvesting, modern beehives and honey strainers.

Lengishon Mbaanga, one of the group members from Mswakini village in Monduli District said from the project they have managed to increase his income.

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