Acquitted ex-Iringa CCM chair decries case fabrications

01Sep 2018
Friday Simbaya
The Guardian
Acquitted ex-Iringa CCM chair decries case fabrications

MEMBERS of various political parties and officials in government have been asked to stop cooking up cases against their opponents saying this outlook creates hate and misunderstanding in communities.

Former CCM chairperson for Iringa Region, Dr Jesca Msambatavangu.

Former CCM chairperson for Iringa Region, Dr Jesca Msambatavangu hailed the work done by the court to ensure that justice prevails.

She was speaking in the region after being set free by the district court where she was implicated in rape charges and using poison attack on one Neema Nyongore that has been going on since 2017.

 “Finally justice has prevailed,” she said upon her acquittal in court. “People had made false charges against me and the court has proven my innocence.”

According to her, a number of people were facing charges in court for things they did not commit and some have been handed down jail terms for crimes they never committed.

“There are a few police officers and government officials who abuse their authority and use their powers to inflict pain on others,” she said, insisting that this should not be accepted.

“I am happy that the court had done justice and cleared my reputation and that of my business and in the community,” she told reporters and well wishers.

The former regional party chairperson called upon all those entrusted with authority to exercise due diligence in executing their work.

In the ruling, Iringa District Court Magistrate Liad Chamshama said on Wednesday that the accused had no case to answer after contradictions of insufficient medical evidence to prove that the accused has given poison to the complainant (Neema Nyongole) in an attempt to rape her.

In the original case, the accused was being charged with common assault but later the charge sheet was changed to rape, drug abuse and a body attack by poisoning injections.

Dr Msambatavangu and her colleague were accused to have attacked Neema Nyongole, a resident of Kibwabwa in the Iringa Municipality, on February 17 last year contrary to section 240 of the Penal Code (Cap 16 RE 2002) in the Kibwabwa area where an incident happed at around 2000hrs.

 Nyongole, a mother of seven children did not report the case to the police despite the police being nearby but was convinced by the CCM ward secretary three days later to open the case.

According to Dr Msambatavangu, the case was politically motivated to tarnish her image ad that of her business, thus affect her position the wider community.