African airlines battle for survival through government backing

15Aug 2018
By Financial Times Reporter
Financial Times
African airlines battle for survival through government backing

AFRICAN governments have announced plans to revive their airlines amid stiff competition in the African skies between the continent’s leading African airlines companies and Middle East-registered air carriers.

Except for Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and South African Airways which are currently dominating a big part of the African skies, the rest of the air carriers on this continent are facing business hurdles.

The three leading airlines have their operations cutting across the continent to Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States. Kenya Airways will join the two other African airlines after launching its first flight to the US in October of this year.

The rest of the East African states are battling to revive their national airlines through government funding. Tanzania and Rwanda are looking to compete over the regional skies after adding new aircraft to their national airlines fleets.

Uganda Airlines is planning to buy four CRJ900 regional jets from Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, and is looking to operate the CRJ900 in a dual-class configuration with 76 seats, including 12 first class seats.

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