Agency warns business community tampering with weighing machines

02Mar 2021
Joseph Mwendapole
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Agency warns business community tampering with weighing machines

WEIGHT and Measures Agency (WMA) has directed traders to use correct measurements in their businesses, calling on members of the public to reveal all the unfaithful people who temper with weighing machines.

Weight and Measures Agency (WMA), official, Glory Mtana explain on the importance of correct measures to entrepreneurs who visited her pavilion during the industrial week for women and products exhibitions in Dar es Salaam.

Addressing reporters in Dar es Salaam yesterday on the ongoing Tanzania Women Industrial Exhibition Week, WMA public relations manager Irene John said that tampering with machines is illegal and is considered theft.

“Any businessman must have accurate measuring equipment that is checked by the Bureau of Standards,” she stated.

Irene warned the act by some traders who fault measuring equipment, saying it affects the consumers, causing them to get less products than the supposed quantity.

According to her, as the country has entered the middle-income status, it was important for the business community to adhere to the proper measurements and be fair clients.

“The aim of being here in the exhibition is to educate small entrepreneurs on the importance of correct measurement because we need them to grow from small and medium enterprises to be in the top-level,” she said.

She said: “We sensitize them on how they can package their products in international standards so that their product can shine in the foreign market and this can be achieved if they consider correct measurements.”

She said that as the government has opened the market mineral trading centres all over the country, WMA has been in the forefront to inspect the weighing machines used in the mineral businesses.

Irene said the aim is to make sure small miners get what they deserve in their daily activities and the government collects its revenues fairly.

Glory Mtana, an official from the WMA’s measurement department said many small entrepreneurs visited their pavilion and most of them were asking about how they can be competent in terms of packaging their products at international standards.

“We started educating entrepreneurs after we had found that most of them are not competent in this area and this is a going programme to make sure we reach as many as we can,” she said.

She said many SMEs still need education in various areas including processing, branding, and packaging so that they can compete with others inside and outside the country.

Mtana said WMA has been receiving different awards internally and internationally due to its excellent performance in service delivery.

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