Agriculture, electricity, entrepreneurship will create jobs in Africa

25Jul 2017
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Agriculture, electricity, entrepreneurship will create jobs in Africa

The Chairman of Heirs Holdings and Founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tony O Elumelu, has called on African leaders and development institutions to help address the deepening job.........

and employment crisis bedevilling the continent by lending support and paying more attention towards the agricultural sector, creating access to electricity and developing entrepreneurship.

Elumelu who said this whilespeaking on the theme ‘How do wecreate 10 million jobs by 2020?’ atthe Youth Connekt Africa Summit inRwanda yesterday, opined that accessto electricity and increased focus inthe agricultural sector would enhanceentrepreneurship and tackle thechallenge of unemployment throughthe creation of more jobs in thecontinent.

Elumelu, a passionate advocate ofentrepreneurship and Africapitalism,also upheld the notion that the privatesector has the responsibility to play thelead role in contributing to job creationin Africa, and cited the example of theTony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) andits various investments in these key areas,adding that this is visible from the$100million commitment towards supportingAfrican entrepreneurs over theyears.

He said, “Today we have businessesin 20 African countries and employ30,000 people directly and 50,000people indirectly. Agriculture, access toelectricity and entrepreneurship havethe potential to create more jobs in Africa.”The TEF boss stated that Africa canbe self-reliant and self-dependent if theright infrastructure and governmentsupport are put in place to boost thesesectors. In this regard, he commendedthe effort of President Paul Kagame forhis brilliant initiatives in the areas ofentrepreneurship and attracting key investmentsto the African continent.

The President of the African DevelopmentBank (AfDB), Akinwumi Adesina,who supported Elumelu’s stance, acknowledgedthat agriculture can createjobs for the teeming African populationif youths approached the sector, notjust as a way of life, but as a business.He seized the opportunity to commendElumelu for his work in entrepreneurshipand pledged to support thework of the TEF in the creation of jobs.“I applaud Tony Elumelu’s work in entrepreneurship,because entrepreneurshipis key. We will help to scale up whatTony Elumelu is doing. If others are doingsame, we will succeed in Africa.”

The Rwandan Development Boardalso hosted Elumelu at a roundtablebreakfast meeting with the Founderand Executive Chairman of AlibabaGroup, Jack Ma to discuss investmentopportunities in Afrcia.

The Youth Connekt Summit hostedby the President of Rwanda, PaulKagame, gathered 2,500 invited guestsfrom the private and public sectors.

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