Agriculture PS urges farmer’s cooperatives to find other funding

20Feb 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Agriculture PS urges farmer’s cooperatives to find other funding
  • sources instead of selling properties

​​​​​​​PERMANENT Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Gerald Kusaya yesterday urged leaders of farmer’s cooperative unions to find alternative funding sources to repay loans instead of selling properties.

​​​​​​​PERMANENT Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Gerald Kusaya.

PS Kusaya made the remarks in Kilimanjaro Region during his three days official visit whereas among other things, he discovered that most of the farmer’s cooperative unions were struggling to repay loans borrowed from banks and financial institutions.

Addressing the management and Board of Directors of the Tanganyika Coffee Curing Co Ltd (tccco), Kusaya said that most of the cooperative unions have been struggling to pay workers’ salaries for a long period. He challenged the leaders to think of alternative ways to get money instead of selling some of its buildings.

“Selling some of your buildings is not a solution; you should think of alternative ways to raise the funds,” said the Permanent Secretary as he insists on the need to protect the union properties.

He however called upon the leaders to verify all the worker’s debts and keep records of all the payments. He said there should be carefully evaluation of the debts to avoid paying money to ghost workers.

“The verification exercise must be conducted by professional auditors to ensure the monies goes to the right individuals,” he said adding President John Magufuli has been working to control inappropriate expenditures as well as removing ghost workers in the payroll.

The PS is in Kilimanjaro Region for a three days tour to invest performance of farmers’ cooperative unions as well as meeting with farmers engaging on cultivation of commercial crops including coffee. He will also meet leaders of cooperative unions to discuss challenges facing farmers and suggest solutions.

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