Airtel Money’s 500 branches in promotional drive for cash availability

22Nov 2018
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Airtel Money’s 500 branches in promotional drive for cash availability

AIRTEL Money subscribers can rest be assured that they will get cash from any of the 500 branches across the country during the end of year festive season.

Airtel Tanzania Corporate Communications Director, Beatrice Singano. File photo.


Launching a campaign dubbed, ‘Airtel Money Branch Tupo nawe kila kona,’ campaign in Dar es Salaam this week, Airtel Tanzania Limited’s Director of Marketing, Isack Nchuda said the campaign is geared at improving customer servicing through regular cash availability for Airtel Money customers and agents across the country.

Nchunda said the campaign will involve all 500 Airtel Money branches as the mobile phone services company shows commitment to support the government’s financial inclusion drive. “Our plan is to continue to build a strong, reliable agents network with an array of services that can be accessed through our Airtel Money branches in addition to traditional cash in and cash out services,” Nchunda said.

He further noted that other key services such as PIN reset, Simswap, Biometric sim card registration, credit and savings financial education can be easily supported in the 500 shops dubbed branches.

“Today we are glad to announce this biggest achievement to complement our largest agent network on Airtel Money service offering across the country and assure our customers and partners of cash and float availability at all times,” he assured.

Nchunda noted that the launch of more Airtel Money branches is a response to customer feedback as demand for the mobile money platform surges dramatically in recent days. “We are here to fullfill our customer needs by offering reliable, innovative and friendly Airtel Money services. We have recently launched initiate reversal functionality that enables our customers to reverse transaction when they make mistake on money transfer,” the Marketing Director added.

Speaking at the same event, the mobile phone service company’s Corporate Communications and Regulatory Affairs Director, Beatrice Singano said Airtel Tanzania remains committed to continue investing in bringing reliable, innovative, relevant and affordable products to its customers.

“We continue to offer most affordable mobile money services currently allowing sending money for free and growing the agents network to cement our drive for financial inclusion in the country. We are confident with this expansion of our mobile money agents network will serve over 80 percent of the unbanked population,” Singano noted.

She added, “We have integrated with various payment platforms such as e-government where customers can make several payments at a go. Airtel Money is also connected to over 40 banks in the country which makes it possible for customers to do instant money transfer from their bank accounts to their Airtel Money wallet anywhere any time.”




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