Airtel Money, Mwalimu Bank in deal to promote financial inclusion

26Mar 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Airtel Money, Mwalimu Bank in deal to promote financial inclusion

​​​​​​​THE largest group of civil servants, teachers through their bank, Mwalimu Commercial Bank will now be able to transact across Airtel Money platform from any location in the country.

Airtel Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando speaks during a ceremony to announce partnership with Mwalimu Commercial Bank in Dar es Salaam mid this week. Left is MCB’s MCB’s Commercial Manager, Ombeni Kaale. Photo courtesy of Airtel.

Airtel Tanzania Limited’s Director of Airtel Money, Isack Nchunda said Mwalimu Commercial Bank’s Commercial Director, Ombeeni Kaale said in Dar es Salaam this week that the agreement will involve thousands of teachers and other members of the public who are subscribers of the platform.

Speaking on behalf of Nchunda, Airtel Tanzania Limited’s Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando said the partnership with MCB means that all teachers in the country will access their money directly from the bank using by their Airtel Money accounts.

Nchunda said apart from enabling the teachers transact digitally, the agreement is also aimed at promoting financial inclusion in the country. “It is true that teachers form the largest number of civil servants and are spread all over from urban to rural areas. At the same, Airtel Tanzania has the largest mobile money network covering all areas of our country hence this is a big relief to the group,” Nchunda noted.

He pointed out that the partnership marks one of the important steps in promoting digitization hence discourage large gatherings in banking halls which may also lead to the spreading of viruses such as COVID-19.

“Teachers especially in rural areas will no longer be spending a whole day travelling to the nearest bank branches to withdraw their salaries because they will be doing so through Airtel Money branches located near their neighbourhoods,” he added.

The Airtel Money Director added that apart from accessing their money digitally, MCB customer will also be able to make payments for various government services, fees and utility bills through their mobile wallets.

“The majority of banking services which they will access include direct cash transfers from their bank account to Airtel Money wallets but also make withdrawal from automated teller machines,” he added.

On his part, Kaale said the deal is a big relief to many MCB customers because it saves them from travelling long distances to collect their salaries. “This also saves them from risks of carrying bulky cash which is dangerous,” he noted stressing that MCB has thousands of customers based in remote parts of the country.