Airtel Money to pay 1.8bn as quarterly ‘dividend’ to subscribers

14Apr 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Airtel Money to pay 1.8bn as quarterly ‘dividend’ to subscribers

AIRTEL Money subscribers will share 1.8bn/- in profits accrued during the last quarter of 2020 (October to December) as the telecommunications company posted good results during the period.

Airtel Tanzania’s director of Airtel Money, Isaack Nchunda speaks to journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday when announcing payment of 1.8bn/- ‘dividend’ to subscribers. He is accompanied by Airtel Tanzania’s public relations manager, Jackson Mmbando.

Airtel Tanzania’s Director for Airtel Money, Isack Nchunda said in Dar es Salaam this week that the money which comes from profits made through transactions done on the mobile money platform, will be paid as interest to subscribers.

“Airtel Money is now paying interest on quarterly basis and for last 2020 quarter, a total of 1.8bn/- will be distributed to all customers and agents who transacted on the platform,” Nchunda said adding that the telco has been sharing profits with its customers and agents since 2015.

The interest money that each agent or subscriber gets is dependent on the amount of balance one has on Airtel Money account on daily basis during the period under review. “We urge customers to continue using Airtel Money platform to pay for bills, buy goods and services easily,” he noted.

Seconding his boss, Airtel Tanzania’s Public Relations Manager, Jackson Mmbando said starting today, every Airtel Money subscriber will receive their payment as ‘dividend’ through their mobile phone wallets.

“Airtel Money agents will also receive their interests through their mobile phone accounts as usual and would therefore, like to call on them to continue providing the best service to our customers countrywide in the coming quarter to continue enjoying handsome quarterly payments,” Mmbando said.

He said Airtel Tanzania through its popular mobile money platform is committed to offer the most affordable mobile money services to businesses and individuals in the market. “Currently, Airtel Money is also ranked as the fastest growing mobile money platform as per the latest TCRA report,” he added while stressing that the telco will continue to invest in affordable and innovative solution for its clients and the general public.

Among other things, Airtel Money allows customers to send, receive and withdraw money when using the platform’s application free of charge while also benefitting from instant unsecured Airtel Timiza loans to cater for their short-term emergency needs.

The platform has also been integrated with more than 400 businesses (Airtel Money branch) and over 40 banks for easy payment solutions model and instant cash transfer activities. Customers can also make government payments for utilities, fines and fees as it is integrated with Government Electronic Payment Gateway.

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