Airtel Tanzania Plc,ATCL team up to allow customers buy tickets online

21Oct 2020
The Guardian Reporter
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Airtel Tanzania Plc,ATCL team up to allow customers buy tickets online

CLIENTS seeking to travel aboard Air Tanzania Company Limited will now be able to buy their tickets electronically using their mobile phones that are subscribed to Airtel Money platform.

ATCL’s acting director, Edward Nkwabi speaks in Dar es Salaam yesterday during an event to announce a new partnership with Air Tanzania Plc through its mobile money platform to allow customers buy tickets online. He is accompanied by Airtel Money director, Isack Nchunda. Photo courtesy of Airtel Money.

The prospective ATCL passengers travelling to both domestic and international routes will simply book and pay for their tickets using Airtel Money wallets, said Airtel Money Director, Isack Nchunda.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday while announcing the new partnership, Nchunda said the partnership with ATCL adds value to its services which benefit millions of customers. “We are happy to enter into another partnership with the national carrier which adds value to our existing services for the benefit of customers.”

He said the arrangement also allows Airtel Money subscribers to pay for their tickets easily at the convenience from anywhere in the country hence boosting efficiency. “Airtel Money has already integrated with Air Tanzania to allow customers pay for their ticket directly through mobile phones as it is fast, quick, safe and convenient,” the Airtel Money Direct added.

He further noted that after completing the payment, customer will receive a confirmation message and an electronic ticket to be produced to ATCL officials on the travel date. “We firmly believe that through Airtel Money, we have made it easier for travellers not to spend much time by physically visiting ATCL counters to book and purchase tickets,” Nchunda stated.

In remarks at the event, ATCL acting Director of Business Development, Edward Nkwabi said the state carrier continues to focus on customer satisfaction in many ways especially in availing new digital products into the market.

“Therefore, this partnership with Airtel Tanzania will allow our products to reach many customers using digital platforms in purchasing plane tickets as it is convenient and user friendly because it can be accessed from anywhere,” Nkwabi said.

He added, “Airtel Money is a convenient platform in making digital payments hence our customers will have more options and flexibility in purchasing their air travel tickets across the market.”