ANAPA dishes out 50 beehives to forest conservation group in Meru

09Nov 2019
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The Guardian
ANAPA dishes out 50 beehives to forest conservation group in Meru

ARUSHA National Park (ANAPA) has handed over 50 modern beehives worth 10m/- to an environmental conservation group in Usa River, Arumeru District.


Handing over the beehives, assistant regional administrative secretary, Hargenery Chitukuro said that the donation will empower group members to venture into commercial beekeeping, hence address poverty as well as scale up environmental conservation drive.

Chitukuro urged group members to properly manage the beekeeping project and its related products.

He also commended efforts made by ANAPA in recognizing importance of forestry sector and beekeeping in increasing people's income.

According to Chitukuro, Arusha has a wide-range of investment opportunities particularly in the forestry sector, which are yet to be explored.

He cited Meru Council as one example, which has a total of 16,371 hectares of natural forest and 3,000 hectares of planted forests--all these are good avenues for running beekeeping projects.

Forest management is the responsibility of everyone in the society and not the government alone, he said, urging Tanzanians to explore the opportunity for their own development and the nation at large.

Arusha regional natural resources and Forestry officer, Julius Achiula cited limited budget as one of the challenges thwarting tree planting endeavors in the region. "This has been failing the region to reach the target of planting 10 million trees every year.

Citing example, Achiula said in 2013/2014, the region planted 5.4million trees, which is 52 percent of the target, while in 2014/2015, 7.4 million trees were planted, which was 70 percent of the target. "Failure to meet the target was caused by limited budget," he said.

According to Meru Council natural resources and forestry officer, Charles Mungure every village has formed a special committee that spearheads environment and tree planting issues.

He said that so far 59 environmental and tree planting groups have been established across the district council.

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