Architect Nuru taking her rightful place in the profession

24Oct 2016
Prosper Makene
The Guardian
Architect Nuru taking her rightful place in the profession

THERE are more male architects in the country than females, and Nuru Nyerere-Inyangete, is one of the very few lady practitioners in the profession.

Nuru Nyerere-Inyangete

She is a Tanzanian architect who strives for excellence in every one of her projects, which have included the TanHouse Building which she worked on, when at Epitome Architects Limited.

Elaborating on one of her many works, Nyerere-Inyangete said that the TanHouse Building is a 13 storey office building located at Urisno area of Dar es Salaam.

Among other things, the magnificent building has remarked space for commercial activities such as banking at the ground floor, parking lot at the basement, mezzanine and first floor totaling to 97 parking bays, with all other floors being office space.

Due to limited plot area for vehicles to maneuver and access mezzanine and first floor, two car lifts have been provided to support vertical circulation for vehicles, she said.

She pointed out that the construction started back in 2011 with the client wanting an iconic building, and one that would stand out, for its engineering excellence, and style.

“We designed a building which can communicate on all four sides. Whichever side you approach the building, none of it appears boring,” she added.

Nuru thinks that the building is an engineering joy as it curves upwards and sideways, thereby making each floor different in area from the other.

“The first floor is bigger than the ground floor, and the second floor is bigger than the first floor. The middle floor (7th floor) is bigger than other floors. The floors above the 7th floor decrease in size to match those below the 7th floor,” she explained.

“The curved aluminum, together with the fins brings much needed sunshade, and the floor sizes vary from each other. Vertical circulations (lift and stairs), and all supporting facilities such as toilets, power rooms, domestic service ducts are located at the Centrecore of the building. By doing this all rentable spaces are full of light and air at the edges,” she said.

She added: “We managed to achieve 75 percent rental spaces while 25 percent being service space. The main entrance is emphasized by overhang canopy supported by three columns. The entrance leads to the bank hall and reception area. The building looks much taller because it has headroom of 4m floor to floor.”

Nyerere-Inyangete is a recipient of a prestigious award and silver medal for excellence in design the first ever woman recipient by the Strathclyde Regional Council (the largest in Europe).

Her work has twice been published in the renowned Building Design Journal, UK and also exhibited in the prestigious National Headquarters of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

She is also a nominee for the highest award for graduate architects in the UK, the President’s Medal (RIBA) for 1989.

Nyerere-Inyangete is also a qualified academically – a registered Architect with the Architectural Council of the UK (ARCUK) and the Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board – Tanzania, currently in process to register with the Nigerian board.

She is very thorough in her work and very strict in ensuring every aspects of the contract administration by builders/developers is adhered.

Knowledgeable and confident in her role in the construction industry, she has overcome the prejudice that exists within the industry with a few women.

She’s been instrumental in winning prestigious awards such as 1st winner of the best project award in the best office cum commercial building by the Architects & Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Tanzania in 2008.

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