Arusha city’s U$218 million water project to start next September

22Jul 2016
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Arusha city’s U$218 million water project to start next September

A major project to more than triple Arusha city’s water supply from the current 60 million litres to 200 million litres will start next September thanks to the government’s allocation of U$ 218m.

Ruth Koya

Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (AUWSA) Managing Director Engineer, Ruth Koya said the project will help address the problem of shortage of water for the 750,000 plus people.

“We hope that all will go as planned and that upon completion of this project, shortage of water will no longer be a problem to Arusha residents,” Eng. Koya told newly appointed Arusha District Commissioner, Mrisho Gambo.

She pointed out that rapid population increase from less than 250,000 a decade ago to the current population has posed a major challenge to AUWSA. “But we also have a problem of leakages because of aged water supply system which will now be rehabilitated,” Koya pointed out.

The newly appointed DC Gambo dared AUWSA to pull up its socks and improve the water supply and sewerage services in the northern tourist enclave city.

Gambo urged the regional water authority to be more transparent in its operations pointing out that the government should be brought to knowledge of the major challenges that the authority is facing so as to address them.

“Let us work together to improve the situation here because people need clean water and better sewerage systems which they pay for,” the DC argued.

Last May, the government announced that it had obtained a 462.37bn/- (US$ 210.96 million) loan from African Development Bank for improving water supply and sewerage services in Arusha city.

Deputy Minister for Water and Irrigation, Isack Kamwele told Parliament that the money will be used to expand water supply and sewage network in the city whose infrastructure has been overwhelmed by increasing population.

Eng Kamwele said the total cost of the project stands at 512.69bn/- (U$233.92 million) which the government through AWSA has already engaged a consulting engineer who is reviewing architectural designs and prepare tendering documents for the contractor.

Currently, the government is implementing a 2006/2007 to 2024/25 water sector development programme aimed at ensuring every citizen gets clean safe water and better sewerage services.

AUWSA’s new strategic plan covering 2011 to 2016 is aimed at responding to the change of the service area and change of legislation.

Its five year strategic plan was prepared in compliance with the National Water Policy 2002, the Water Supply and Sanitation Act of 2009 and the key national planning documents such as Vision 2025, National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty MKUKUTA II and the ruling party manifesto of 2010.

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