Authorities in Zanzibar destroy over 30m/- worth goods unfit for human

23Jul 2021
Rahma Suleiman
The Guardian
Authorities in Zanzibar destroy over 30m/- worth goods unfit for human

GOODS valued at more than 30.7m/- including 5.6 tonnes of rice has been destroyed in Pemba by Zanzibar Fair Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (ZFCCPC) after they were found to be unfit for human consumption.

Addessing reporters here after destruction of the goods at Pujini Kisiwani in Pemba, the Director of Consumer Protection Division in ZFCCPC, Emanuel Juma said the goods were seized from various markets, shops and warehouses through the commission’s routine operations.

He said the Division has been conducting crackdowns at market places and from traders to verify the quality of the goods to protect the lives of the people for the months of April to June this year.

He said even though the expiry date of the rice destroyed had not passed, it was found to have gone bad and unfit for human consumption.

He said they operate under the provisions of Sections 63 and 64 of the 2018 law (No 5) that gives them the mandate to remove from the market any expired goods and those unfit for human consumption.

He called on all traders to be careful in storing their goods in their warehouse as it was found out that many of the goods are badly stored.

He advised them during storage they should not place together food and soap.

He also called on the people to adopt the habit of first checking expiry dates on goods they purchase before they pay for them.

For his part, Ali Omar Massoud, a ZFCCPC official stationed in Pemba said it would be better for the people to be extra careful to avoid using goods whose dates have expired to protect their health.

He said using bathing soap whose date has expired may harm the user’s skin.

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