Bank donates 30m/-to doctors association to tame Coronavirus spreading

25Mar 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Bank donates 30m/-to doctors association to tame Coronavirus spreading

THE country leading banking conglomerate, CRDB Bank Plc has donated 30m/- to Medical Association of Tanzania to help in a nationwide campaign to tame Coronavirus outbreak.

CRDB bank plc’s managing director, Abdulmajid Nsekela (R) handing over a dummy cheque for 30m/- to Medical Association of Tanzania president, Dr Elisha Osati in Dar es Salaam yesterday in support of the ongoing campaign against coronavirus outbreak. Photo courtesy of CRDB.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday, CRDB’s Managing Director, Abdulmajid Nsekela said the donation is aimed at supporting MAT’s campaign against the deadly virus which has already attacked dozens in the country.

Nsekela said MAT’s ‘Tunaweza kujikinga’ campaign is an important a scientific approach to stop COVID-19 spreading as it sensitizes the public on practical ways to avoid contracting the virus.

“CRDB Bank has already taken a number of measures aimed at protecting its employees and customers from the virus and such measures include deploying hand sanitizers at all of our offices and ATM outlets,” he said.

He commended MAT for practically joining government efforts targeting to protect the public from contracting the virus which has already caused thousands of deaths in the world including two in Africa by yesterday.

In a vote of thanks, MAT President Dr Elisha Osati paid tribute to CRDB management and staff for the support which will be invested in the sensitization campaign to targeting the public so that people can know how to avoid the virus.

Dr Osati said precisely, the donation will also go toward educating health workers most of whom are rural based and are first respondents to any COVID-19 case in their neighbourhhods countrywide. “Our responsibility is to ensure that all health workers at every level have a clear understanding of the virus and how to handle cases of victims but also sensitize the public on preventive measures,” he added noting that the campaign is jointly run with Ministry of Health and Tanzania Medical Students Association.

During the handover ceremony, the MAT and CRDB officials also sensitised the public on how to use sanitizers in ensuring that their hands are safe from disease germs at all time. MAT’s Secretary General, Dr Lilian Mnabwiru also attended the ceremony.