Bank donates construction materials, desks to public schools

22Nov 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Bank donates construction materials, desks to public schools

NMB Bank Plc has continued to support public facilities with a donation of construction materials, desks and medical equipment to public schools and health centers in Geita and Morogoro regions valued at 70m/-.

Pupils sample NMB donated desks in Geita region recently.

NMB’s Lake Zone Manager, Abraham Augustino handed over 275 desks worth 25m/- and 328 iron sheets worth 10m/- to Geita Regional Commissioner, Robert Gabriel on behalf of Kaseme Secondary School, Butundwe Health Center, Kilimani, Uhuru, Mchongamani, Shilabela and Nyakamwaga Primary Schools in Geita region

Gabriel thanked NMB management for the support to public facilities saying it’s a big boost to improving provision of health and education services to the public. “We are grateful to NMB for this assistance and we hope that you will continue to back government efforts to improve public health and education facilities,” RC Gabriel noted.

He also received six hospital beds and mattresses including one labour ward special bed but also 50 pieces of bed sheets for Kashishi dispensary.

Speaking after handing over the donations, Augustino the bank will continue supporting public facilities as a way of showing appreciation to the people who support its businesses. “We have a 1bn/- allocation each year to finance community projects countrywide whenever need arises,” the NMB Lake Zone Manager noted.

Meanwhile in Morogoro, Deputy Minister Agriculture Omar Mgumba thanked NMB for 275 desks worth 25m/- to Kibwaya, Bwakila Chini, Newland and Kinole Primary schools. “This support is timely and very much appreciated,” Mgumba said.

Morogoro District Commissioner, Regina Chonjo also paid tribute to NMB management after receiving desks and iron sheets for several public schools in her district while warning rogue students who destroy public property of expulsions and possible prosecution.

“We all know that the government is spending huge sums of money to improve public schools and health centers in the interest of the people hence there is zero tolerance against anyone destroying the same,” she warned.