Bank equips graduate youth with skills for competitive labour market

05Dec 2016
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Bank equips graduate youth with skills for competitive labour market

With globalisation and integration of regional economies, domestic and international job markets have become more competitive hence the need for jobseekers to possess special skills and talents.

Barclays Bank Tanzania Managing Director, Abdi Mohamed addresses participants during the official launch of the bank’s “Ready to Work” programme in Dar es Salaam recently

The situation is more difficult for the youth who in most cases are only equipped with academic qualifications hence convincing Barclays Bank Tanzania to prepare them for the competitive labour markets.

“A good number of young people across the country have told us they don’t feel employable and feel uncertain, lack confidence and are not getting support and advice that they need. Barclays is taking their concerns seriously and we are offering them the support they need,” Marketing Manager, Joe Bendera, said last weekend.

Bendera made the remarks while briefing journalists after introducing the “Ready to Work” programme at University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) where he told students that the education, skills training and employability initiative has been well received by the higher education community.

He said youth are daunted by the competitiveness of today’s job market and struggle to find the right support, career advice and mentoring to move forward.

“That’s why we are committed to equip the next generation of workers with the training they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their families through this programme,” Bendera noted.

Through its three-year “Ready to Work” programme, Barclays Bank will offer workshops and drop-in advice services for young people aged 15 to 35.This online initiative has been launched in eight institutions of higher learning and will be extended to cover 3,000 graduates in other institutions across the country.

Some of the institutions to be involved are the University of Dar es Salaam, University of Dodoma, Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA), Institute of Finance Management (IFM), College of Business Education (CBE) Dar es Salaam campus, Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) and Mzumbe University.

The scheme will focus on improving work and skills, better handling of money and providing tips on entrepreneurship. Already about 1,000 youths have registered for the programme which offers participants a chance to work with Barclays and its partners.

This digital and face-to-face initiative will guide students on how to handle interviews, manage money, teach them ways to impress colleagues and clients as well as providing the skills they need to start and run own businesses.