Banking mobile for change target 3k ‘varsity students

13Nov 2017
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Banking mobile for change target 3k ‘varsity students

OVER 3,000 students from three leading local universities are set to benefit from a capacity building project dubbed, ‘Banking on mobile for change in universities,’ Voda- com Foundation Tanzania Grants and Communication Manager, San- dra Oswald.

SAUT students government Secretary General, Thomas Yohana addressing fellow students during the launch of ‘Banking on mobile for change in universities,’ project held in Mwanza last weekend. Left is Vodacom Foundation’s Grants Manager, Sandra Oswald and the company’s Marketing and Distribution Manager in Mwanza, Victoria Chale. Photo by Guardian Photographer.

Speaking in Mwanza last Saturday during the project’s launch, Oswald said Vodacom Foundation in collab- oration with Green Hope Organiza- tion are implementing the project which aims at building a capacity on financial discipline, life skills, standards and good leadership amongst university students.

Oswald named the universities included under the project as those from Saint Augustine University of Tanzania in Mwanza, University of Dodoma and University of Dar es Salaam. ‘’Out of the targeted stu- dents, 2,100 or an equivalent of 70 percent will be female while 900 will be male or about 30 percent,”  

she noted. She further pointed out that the train- ing is to end in April 2018 and will be conducted through seminars and debates.

Upon graduating the students are expected to have gained skills and ability in life skills, fi- nancial discipline and acquired good leadership

qualities as they will interact among each other. Green Hope Organization’s Director, Martin Lusenga said after the six month training, the students will also equip with how best to man-

age finances.“Our goal is to ensure that this generation has

the opportunity to expand its scope on various issues including self-employment after graduat- ing from university,” Lusenda said.

One of the participants from Saut, Thomas Yo- hana urged his peers to attend the various ac- tivities scheduled under the project to ensure

that they benefit to the maximum. “It is very rare to have this kind of an opportunity, so I advise my col- leagues to come forward and learn new skills between now and April next year,” Yohana advised.