Be proud of locally-made goods, Retired President tells Tanzanians

14Jan 2020
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Be proud of locally-made goods, Retired President tells Tanzanians

RETIRED second-phase president Ali Hassan Mwinyi has called on Zanzibar's business community to produce quality merchandizes that will be able to compete in the international markets.

Ali Hassan Mwinyi

Mwinyi who served as President of the United Republic of Tanzania between 1985 and 1995 made the call over the weekend here when speaking at the Maisara trade fair here.

He said every businessman is responsible for producing products that have the required standards and quality in order to be able to access the market easily.

Mwinyi said: “This will help the country to have more foreign currency and then boost the economy and improve their livelihoods.”

He also called on people of Zanzibar especially youth to focus on agribusiness that is the only way which can help them to increased income.

“Despite the fact that I am old but I still value and respect the agriculture because it plays a key role in human life”, Mwinyi said.

He explained that agriculture is the backbone of the nation; therefore it is good for youth to get into farming by employ themselves instead of waiting for the white-collar jobs which are not there.

The ex-president also urged graduates to change their mentality on white-collar jobs and instead they should think of becoming job creators and refrain from job-seeking syndrome.

The second phase government leader also urged Tanzanians to be proud of the locally-made goods for the betterment of the country’s economy and job creation.

He congratulated the Government of Zanzibar for coming up with an annual business fair, which has brought together traders from Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland.

However, traders at the exhibition said that the biggest challenge is weather with the hot season that has been causing them to suffer from it.

The exhibition has started January 2 to 15, this year.

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