Better services for smartphone, TV viewers as Eutelsat launch new app

11Apr 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Better services for smartphone, TV viewers as Eutelsat launch new app

Recently, Eutelsat launched a hybrid Over The Top (OTT) platform called Eutelsat Cirrus Solution that will revolutionise the country’s broadcasting industry as is explained by the company’s Senior Vice President for Commercial Development and Strategic Partnerships, Christoph Limmer who spoke to-

Eutelsat Senior Vice President for Commercial Development and Strategic Partnerships, Christoph Limmer

 The Banker Reporter, excerpts: 

In layman’s language, kindly explain the hybrid Over The Top (OTT) that you are launching and how it will impact the broadcast sector?

The demand for content in Africa continues to rise and OTT solutions are widely being promoted as the future of broadcasting and audiences are demanding greater image definition. Eutelsat Cirrus will provide a content delivery solution via satellite and OTT to operators seeking to launch or upgrade their service – offering the benefits of quickly deployed video services, low operational costs, high image quality and consistent end-user experience.

This new hybrid solution is designed to facilitate the building of a content distribution business. It will free up broadcasters to focus on content and subscribers while Eutelsat takes care of the end-to-end logistics, accompanying them in maintaining their competitive edge in an increasingly complex environment.

What are the disruptions likely to be felt in the market in terms of content delivery with the launch of the hybrid OTT application?

The turnkey distribution service will provide broadcasters in Tanzania with an end-to-end video distribution joint with cloud-based service management, with the aim of assisting the satellite broadcasters in providing global coverage of content that is relevant, convenient and high quality to the viewers at a cost efficient level.

For instance, will they have to get newer models of TV sets?

There will not be a need to get newer models of TV sets as the turnkey distribution service and multi-screen via OTT interdependently complement the traditional Direct To Home (DTH) and the OTT streaming through the native hybrid platform.

Does the project give options to consumers who are weighed down by the huge bills as a result of using the expensive cable package, and if so, explain how?

The Cirrus hybrid solution provides consumers with options of receiving content through iOS and Android devices due to it being modular, skinned and scalable as well as complementing traditional DTH with simultaneous OTT streaming from the cloud-based service management, which makes content easy to receive at a cost-efficient level.

Kindly define the meaning of turnkey content delivery and what some of the benefits of a seamless and integrated multi-screen user experience that will attract consumers in the region to want to subscribe to the service?

Turnkey content delivery simply means that the product is designed, supplied, built and installed fully complete and ready to operate. The operator will just need to turn the device on and start using the solution. In terms of the benefits of the multi-screen experience, smartphones and tablets play an ever-more central role in our daily lives, as audio-visual consumption trends evolve. Portable devices are increasingly used to watch video content on the move, with users demanding high quality on smaller screens. TV operators can broadcast video content in IP format via satellite, creating a network dedicated to all IP-native devices such as tablets and smartphones.

When is the service likely to be deployed in Tanzania and East Africa in general?

The solution is already available to be deployed in Tanzania and all the other countries in East Africa.

In your opinion, can the information technology infrastructure in Tanzania support the service?

The satellite market in Tanzania is growing and the technology can support the platform. Eutelsat Cirrus will bring together the strengths of traditional DTH with next-generation features, delivering an enriched viewer experience through live channel broadcasting, channel numbering, programme information, content security, subscriber and set-top box management.