Brewer’s online responsible drinking campaign lures drivers, ‘Bodaboda

04Jun 2021
By Guardian Reporter
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Brewer’s online responsible drinking campaign lures drivers, ‘Bodaboda

AN online responsible drinking campaign targeting motorists including motorcycle taxi operators popularly known as ‘Bodabodas’ is gathering momentum among road users hence contributing towards reduction of accidents.

Motorcycle taxi operators popularly known as ‘Bodaboda’ pose for a souvenir photo after participating at Serengeti Breweries Limited organised ‘Don’t drink and drive’ campaign held in Singida town recently. Photo courtesy of SBL.

Known as DRINKiQ quiz which is brainchild of London based Serengeti Breweries Limited’s parent company Diageo Plc, the campaign seeks to sensitize road users especially popular means of transport such as ‘rickshaws (Bajaj) and motorcycle taxis (Bodaboda).

Since 2019, SBL has been working with Tanzania Police Force traffic division to mobilise road users refrain from excessive alcohol consumption while driving. “What I also like about the quiz it that, it busts persistent myths around alcohol consumption, such as ‘eating while drinking excessively is harmless,’ and ‘drinking coffee sobers people up faster,’” said Aziza Manzi who is a Dar es Salaam resident  who has attended the campaign.

Manzi said the DRINKiQ quiz has provided her with information she needed most to make positive decisions about drinking or not drinking. “It’s a good campaign that many young people will find useful to take part in and understand the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption,” said Manzi who is a regular ‘bodaboda’ client and social drinker.

Her observations were backed by Arusha based ‘Bajaj operator, Samson Jombi who added that people who drink alcohol but need to drive motor vehicles, then they need heed to what DRINKiQ quiz promotes.

 “For those of us who choose to drink alcohol, the DRINKiQ resource helps us understand the units and calories in all types of alcoholic drinks and shows how each drink compares with others,” Jombi said as agreed by Moshi based ‘Bodaboda’ operator, Idrisa Mremi who added that the SBL platform is perfect for anyone who wants to better understand more about drunk driving.

“It also is a useful tool for those seeking advice on drinking responsibly so that they can make informed decisions on what to drink and when,” Mremi said while noting that many drunk drivers don’t know the risks of sitting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Commenting on the initiative, SBL’s Corporate Relations Director, John Wanyancha said the campaign is the next stage of the brewer’s commitment to help its consumers and the public make informed decision about drinking. “We have been providing face-to-face DRINKiQ training to groups across the country in the last few years but our approach has now changed due to the coronavirus outbreak,” Wanyancha said.

He pointed out that SBL is happy with how the public has reacted to the campaign saying young people especially those operating ‘Bodabodas and ‘Bajajis.’ “We’re really proud of how well our DRINKiQ training has been received over the last few years because our audiences have clearly shown a genuine desire for this kind of information, which is why we wanted to make campaign available widely by putting it online,” he said.

“This online platform is intended to raise collective knowledge about alcohol, allow anyone, anywhere in Tanzania and even beyond, to quickly get informed on what entails healthy, responsible drinking and gives the tips they need to make the right choices when taking alcohol,” the SBL Corporate Affairs Director added.

Various studies have indicated that drinking moderately can be useful to your health while excessive drinking is dangerous as it negatively affects one’s health and wellbeing. Understanding some important facts about alcohol is important for consumers to make the right decisions regarding its consumption.

SBL as a subsidiary of Diageo Plc which is a British multinational beverage conglomerate, has a corporate responsibility to influence how its clients consume alcoholic beverages hence introduced the digital learning tool dubbed DRINKiQ.

DrinkiQ encompasses a global consumer campaign which began in London, the headquarters of Diageo, and has reached several markets including Tanzania, highlighting factors such as age and gender- that determine how the body processes alcohol.

DRINKiQ e-learning tool has been designed to provide consumers with the information they need to make positive decisions about drinking responsibly and tackle myths about drinking alcohol. The Corporate Relations Director further elaborates that for those who choose to drink alcohol, the new DRINKiQ resource will help them to understand the units and calories in all types of alcoholic drinks and shows how each drink compares with others.

“It is important for anyone who wants to better understand what they are drinking – and who seeks advice on drinking moderately and responsibly-to make smarter choices about what to drink and when,” Wanyancha added.

US based Institute for Health and Productivity Management has recommended DRINKiQ e-learning as an engaging and easy-to-use educational tool which provides essential knowledge about the effects of drinking in order to guide appropriate alcohol consumption.

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