CBE alumni come in defence of rector, reputation of college

10Jun 2016
Prosper Makene
The Guardian
CBE alumni come in defence of rector, reputation of college

Following the recent wave of plot try to tarnish the image of the College of Business Education (CBE) and its Rector, Prof Emmanuel Mjema, the college’s alumni has called upon a meeting to discuss the don’s fate.

Speaking in an interview with ‘The Guardian’ on Wednesday after the alumni met, the acting Alumni chairperson and former Students' Organisation president, Manhe Jonathan said:

“We read the headlines in newspapers and received the news in consternation. As alumni, one of our duties is to monitor the activities of the college and advise accordingly”.

Jonathan said: “Further we are obliged to protect the reputation and image of the college. With this push, we have conducted this meeting to discuss the same.”

He added: “For the past few days we did investigation on the graft allegations which raised and the so called bad leadership at the college. We have seen that these allegations are baseless and plotted to blackmail the don”.

Jonathan went on to say that progresses had been made at CBE under Prof Mjema's leadership since he started leading the college in 2013.

He also said that the College managed to establish a new campus in Mbeya which is up and running and the move clearly shows that CBE is growing.

“Prof. Mjema took stern measures to indiscipline staff who were unethical and molested students. We the alumni have witnessed some lecturers expelled. This courage had never been experienced before,” he said.

He noted: “The excellence of the college has risen from one of the poor performing higher learning institution to the top 20 best performing in the country.”

The college has started the first PhD and Masters Degree courses in collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF)”.

However, he said that the college has increased the number of staff with doctorate degree during Prof Mjema's period from three in the academic year 2012/13 to more than 10 in 2015/16.

“The college has expanded infrastructures with the on-going work onthe state-of-the art multifunctional hall that is currently under renovation,” he said.

He insisted: “Also, the college has restored the land that was once grabbed by businessmen. Prof Mjema has extended the boundaries of the college by reclaiming the land that was grabbed by businessmen”.

He underscored that the college has established collaborative initiatives with international higher learning institutions like Shenyang Aerospace University in China, University of Eastern Finland and Stockholm University.

Meanwhile, an alumnus who preferred to remain anonymous said: “We are forced to believe that the ones spreading the false allegation that Prof Mjema is abusing his office, are some of the staff who faced his wrath because of their bad ethical behaviour and were sent packing.

Martha Mwenda, an alumnae and former prime minister of the Student's Organization (COBESO), said: “We have seen the efforts that Prof Mjema is putting at the college which are fruitful. The college has remarkable discipline and professional standards from the dress code to academic regulations. We will not cease to support him”.

Another Alumni Mark Lutema, said: “We equate the false allegations against Prof Mjema as the last kicks of a dying horse. We are against the incitement as you may have seen in the previous edition that his picture was put against that of the president on one of the cover pages. This is pure incitement. We urge journalists to observe professional and ethical journalism.

These few unprofessional journalists will at the end of the day ruin the reputation of the industry. We further ask journalists to conduct investigative journalism and not depend on hearsays”.