Central establishment chief salutes Treasury Registrar

22Nov 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Central establishment chief salutes Treasury Registrar

EMPLOYEES at Treasury Registrar’s office have been commended for doing a good job which has ensured that the government is leaping benefits from its investments made in public enterprises.

Treasury registrar, Mgoya Benedicto (R) when he handed over Mngeta Farm to Suma JKT recently.

Permanent Secretary at President’s Office responsible for the Civil Service, Dr Laurean Ndumbaro said in Dar es Salaam on Friday when opening a meeting of Treasury Registrar’s Workers Council that the government will continue supporting them because they are performing well.

“I commend you because of the close supervision of public enterprises and other institutions where the government has invested a lot of money which needs to bear yields,” Dr Ndumbaro said while stressing that better perfuming public entities contribute to economic growth.

He stated that the TR’s office is performing well in supervising the 237 public enterprises and 50 companies in which the government has shares in addition to 341 large scale commercial farms located in different regions of the country.

The central establishment chief urged the TR’s office workers to maintain their good work because the government and Tanzanians expect them to ensure that investments made yield profits but also continue to pay taxes.

“Continue working hard diligently, with integrity and patriotism and we at the central establishment give you all the necessary support,” Dr Ndumbaro assured saying the TR’s office should ensure that national goals are attained.

In welcoming remarks to Dr Ndumbaro, Treasury Registrar Mgoya Benedicto said they will continue working hard to ensure that state enterprises and companies where Treasury has a stake are efficient and pay dividend annually.

Benedicto paid tribute to President Samia Suluhu Hassan for having confidence in him hence appointing his to the position earlier this year. “My promise to the president and Tanzanians in general is that, in partnership with my fellow employees, we continue to supervise the state enterprises and public entities to make sure that they make profit,” he said.

He pledged to also make sure that loss making public enterprises and companies are supported to become profitable and contribute to national development and economic growth. “We shall continue to work hard and with integrity so that the trust which has been given to us by the president and the public is honoured,” the Treasury Registrar added.

Benedicto said because of the hard work, revenue collected from the state enterprises and companies where Treasury has shares increased from 161.03bn/- in 2015/16 t0 637.67bn/- in 2020/21.

“This is money which is paid through the Treasury Registrar’s account but is we include what is paid directly to the government’s central account, the amount 1.052trn/- in 2018/19,” he pointed out saying the coronavirus outbreak has also affected revenue due to lockdowns.

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