Cereals Board purchases maize worth 7.47bn/- from farmers

28Jul 2021
Beatrice Philemon
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Cereals Board purchases maize worth 7.47bn/- from farmers

MAIZE farmers in the country have sold 14,948 metric tons of the commodity worth 7.47bn/- by Cereals and Other Produce Board of Tanzania by June this year.

Cereals and Other Produce Board of Tanzania’s director general, Dr Anselm Moshi.

CPBT Director General, Dr Anselm Moshi said the board purchased the commodity from farmers in Arusha, Dodoma, Katavi, Manyara, Rukwa, Ruvuma and Songwe.

“As a government institution, we decided to purchase maize from farmers after finding out that farmers are struggling to get markets for their produce especially maize,” Dr Moshi said.

He explained that the board which is mandated with overseeing the cereals and other related commodities trade, intervened in order to save smallholder farmers from making huge losses after a bumper year of production.

He said the excise started in June this year after the government approved CPBT’s request to purchase the maize and issuance of an officials Government Order.  Dr Mosha said they purchased a kilogram on average of maize for 500/-.

He said 10,823 metric tones of maize were purchased in Rukwa region while in Iringa, Dodoma, Manyara and other regions sold the remainder.

“In Iringa, we bought a kilo for 430/- while in Dodoma we did pay 450/- because of quality of the commodity,” he added while advising farmers ensure safe keeping of their produce after harvest.

The CPTB chief further revealed that for 2021/22 financial year, the board plans to purchase some 298,000 metric tons of maize apart from other crops, such as sorghum, paddy rice, beans and sunflower.

He said maize will be sold to local industries as raw materials while more will be exported to Kenya and South Sudan.“As CPBT, we have already signed a contract with two companies for maize exports of maize to South Sudan and Kenya,” he said while noting that as per the board’s mandate, it is investing to expand storage facilities to increase its current capacity of more than 100,000 metric tons to double the volume.

Currently CPBT owns modern facilities with advanced cereals technology handling equipment for cleaning, drying, grading, milling and packaging in Iringa and Arusha regions.

“We have facilities for wheat milling and oilseed extraction in Arusha region,” he added saying the board is in the process of establishing a state of the art maize milling and sunflower oil processing facilities at Kizota industrial area in Dodoma region.

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