Chadema to address challenges facing ‘machingas’

24Sep 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Chadema to address challenges facing ‘machingas’

THE main opposition Chadema has launched an investigation campaign aimed at addressing challenges facing petty traders in Dar es Salaam including doing businesses in unauthorized places.

Party’s deputy secretary general, Benson Kigaila told reporters recently that the probe is also meant to come up with appropriate measures and recommendations to the government on how better to deal with it.

He expressed disparity to what the government is doing at the moment, insisting that taking decisions without thorough analysis will only lead to harm.

“This issue is very big, we’re doing serious research to know its impact. We know every year this country produces young people from various colleges and universities who are unemployed,” he said.

“We know this country does not produce any jobs, this country is not well organized that is why we are talking about “machinga”,” he mentioned, highlighting that they are people who engage in petty trading after completing their university or college studies so as to earn a living.

He therefore announced that the party is set to conduct comprehensive study so as to have an answer to the situation adding that Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) do not have the answers concerning “machinga” problems.

An appointed MP Humphrey Polepole (CCM) once underscored that it was important to focus on stakeholder analysis on the market access point for “machinga” before reallocating them.

Recently, President Samia Suluhu Hassan directed district and regional commissioners to plan well, warning that she does not want to see these petty traders being ill-treated as the case used to be.

Written by Enock Charles, Leyla Joho and Pauline Lugaziya, TURDACo

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