Chamwino DC salutes NMB for 10m/- medical material donation

10Jan 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Chamwino DC salutes NMB for 10m/- medical material donation

NMB Bank Plc has been hailed as one of the best corporate citizens in the country for supporting government efforts to improve basic social services such as education and health.

Chamwino District Commissioner, Vumilia Nyamoga said in Dodoma on Tuesday that NMB’s donation to her district’s two health centers at Membe and Handali villages is an important milestone in improving delivery of health services to the public.


“I urge NMB management and staff to continue supporting government efforts in improving provision of basic social services which is necessary for development,” Nyamoga said after receiving bed sheets and labour ward beds for the two health centers all valued at 10m/-.


Speaking at the same event, Handali medical officer-in-charge, Dr Enock Chitalasita also paid tribute to the bank but noted that his center which attends to over 7,300 patients daily from Bahi, Kongwa and Mpwapwa, is facing shortages of medical equipment, staff and space.


“Although we have shortage of space, even the buildings that we have are dilapidated hence need renovation to meet standards as proper medical facilities,” Dr Chitalasita said while pointing out that the center also lacks an ambulance to rush critically ill patients for treatment at the region’s hospital.


“But we also have a problem of insecurity here, because there is no fencing to prevent criminals from easily accessing hospital premises,” he noted.


NMB Central Zone Manager, Nsolo Mlozi pledged continued support in areas of health education and relief aid during disasters. “We at NMB allocate funds each year to support communities in the three priority areas as our contribution to the development of the country,” Mlozi said. Last year, NMB allocated 1bn/- to support such causes.