Chasing the SDGs is not a game, global compact networkers agree

31Oct 2018
By Financial Times Reporter
Financial Times
Chasing the SDGs is not a game, global compact networkers agree

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires unique cooperation, radical innovation, and extraordinary leadership, the coordinator of Global Compact Network Tanzania (GCNT), Emmanuel Nnko has said.

Emmanuel Nnko.

Speaking recently on the sidelines of the Global Compact Network Tanzania annual general meeting, Nnko said leaders and other people should take personal and corporate responsibility for how they do business and who they choose as their staff and partners.

“It means taking stock of our decisions as consumers and investors. It means raising our voices and taking a stand when it matters. The United Nations Global Compact is the forum to make all this happen,” he said.

For his part, GCNT chairman Aggrey Mlimuka said: "It is clear that the government alone cannot deal with increasing environmental, social and governance challenges. Public sector and civil society together play a critical role in achieving sustainable development."

Opening the meeting earlier, the deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Ludovick Nduhiye, underscored the urgency of business to act more responsibly and engage in sustainable practices.

"Consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for quality products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact," Nduhiye said, asserting that the private sector is the fuel that can accelerate sustainable development in the country.

Global Compact Network Tanzania and UNDP subsequently agreed that while the network provides momentum for businesses, civil society, government and media to discuss and understand their major roles in advancing sustainable practices and implementing the SDGs, it also opens up further opportunities for collaboration.