Coca Cola kick-starts ‘Mwanamke Shujaa’ leadership awards

16Feb 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Coca Cola kick-starts ‘Mwanamke Shujaa’ leadership awards

IN recognition of women’s extraordinary roles played in the country, Coca-Cola Kwanza Limited has launched a ‘Mwanamke Shujaa’ leadership awards to coincide with International Women’s Day which falls on March 8 annually.

Coca-Cola Kwanza’s business development and commercial director, Josephine Msalilwa addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam this week during the launch of ‘Mwanamke Shujaa’ Excellence in Leadership Awards 2021.’ Left is Sarah Pima, the competition’s chief judge. Photo: Guardian Correspondent.

The local subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, launched a new season of the campaign this week to celebrate the significant role being played by Tanzanian women in raising families but also grow the country’s economy.

Coca-Cola Kwanza Business Development and Commercial Director, Josephine Msalilwa said in Dar es Salaam during the launch of the competition that the motive behind the initiative is to celebrate, recognize and inspire women from different sectors of the economy.

“It’s about celebrating women’s achievements and successes, and inspiring young women that they too, can reach their goals and achieve great success,” said Msalilwa who is one of the few women directors at the beverages manufacturing conglomerate.

She pointed out that responsible corporate citizens believe that it is companies’ responsibility to bring sustainable change in the country’s different sectors where women operate hence Coca Cola Kwanza management’s decision to introduce the award.

“The ‘Mwanamke Shujaa’ award is aimed at amplifying the important contributions of women in our society,” she added while noting that the word which casually translates to “A brave woman,’ also provides a platform for women to inspire, network, build confidence and share experiences among each other.

Msalilwa further noted that because this year’s theme for International Women’s Day is, ‘2021 is Focused on Women in Leadership,’ Coca-Cola Kwanza has decided to focus on recognizing efforts being made by women in different capacities by targeting 10 different sectors of the economy. “I have already met great and amazing Tanzanian women, who are determined to break barriers and reach greater success,” she noted.

Backing the Coca Cola Kwanza Director, the campaign’s Coordinator, Yvette Gadi said, ‘Mwanamke Shujaa’ awards align well with the theme of the 65th session of UN Commission on the Status of Women.

“Women's full and effective participation in decision-making in public life, as well as the elimination of violence, for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls,” Gadi said while quoting the UNCSW theme.

She said Coca Cola Kwanza which is a subsidiary of a global beverages conglomerate has an important role to play in advancing the UNCSW’s agenda by implementing practically what the world body states in its mandate.

“Imagine a world where all people have equal rights and opportunities with women and girls not being afraid of walking and doing whatever they like,” she argued saying the ‘Mwanamke Shujaa’ campaign will run for three weeks with activities being done virtually and through the media.

She said activities to be undertaken will include women in leadership positions live television shows, beaming of documentaries, online live question and answer sessions that will climax into a closing banquet where awards will be bestowed.